Dating a cheater

29-Jun-2017 18:38

There is a lot of “wiggle room” after you break down the root words in polyamory.

However, it seems clear to me that the majority of people who consider themselves polyamorous believe that loving honestly is indeed a necessary component of the poly lovestyle.

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Now that I’m very sensitive to energy, the dynamic of a “fun day of boating” with underlying secrets would be too uncomfortable.Perhaps you don’t even know their partner and are therefore not required to lie to (or withhold from) your lover’s lover.You might then be able to feel as though you’re an honest person with no inner-conflict because, after all, you’re not deceiving anyone.This tends to happen more with people I know who consider themselves monogamous.

However, I’m sure the aforementioned woman I was recently getting to know is far from the only person who considers herself polyamorous while dating someone who is clearly not.Since I had already been noticing a certain degree of ambivalence about our connection, I experienced some relief as I felt that her choice to date a cheater went against my values.