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Accessible Wildlife Site (AWS) and Roadside Nature Reserve (RNR) boundaries courtesy of the BRMC which maintains them.Note that these boundaries are intentionally only approximate and should NOT be treated as definitive site boundaries.Please do not record wildlife using 2km, 5km or 10km grid refs as they are too vague. On the left map press "Satellite" for aerial photos only, or "Map" for Google Maps only.The Vice-counties, VC30 and Bedfordshire boundaries only show on the left map (at present...) The right map shows Ordnance Survey (OS) maps of different scales according to the zoom amount.On lap two I would have preferred to have been chasing and overtaking, but instead I was the one being overtaken.In the end the wind took its toll and gave me an earache as I reached the final kilometre.Then it was a case of pushing into the 45mph gusts all the way to the finish line.

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But that was fine because cross-country can quite often work out like that.This venue is the furthest drive of the XC season for me, and it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel there from Dartford.In fact I almost didn't make it to the race at all - The day before I had an unexplained sharp pain on the inside of my left shin and thought I would have to sit this one out.The zoom level of the right map can be locked to its current level so that it doesn't change when the left map is zoomed. (The OS zoom can still be changed manually of course).

If you've found the place you wanted using the right map, you can move the left map to it using the "Match Left Map to Right Map" button.

Yes, I was cold, but it was the earache that most bothered me. Upon crossing the finish line I had been handed finishing position token 68, which was my highest finishing position of the season so far.