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For days I just want a simple fresh without any fruit, something posh and elegant, this is it.

I love it, it's super classy, not sexy, like a skin scent if you can afford the very finest lux soaps. I wouldn't say it's a signature but I wouldn't be surprised if someday it might be!

I can say it has the characteristics of all chloe perfumes, that I would describe as classy/french.

The longevity and sillage are definitely not bad (just like prior and descendant ones). Wow, so many notes and I detect only rose, patchouli and some citruses...

Apart from being sweet and juice, the Vitamin C and mineral present in Grape juice help recover form general weakness.

It has certain curative properties too and is a great blood builder.

I love how this perfume is different from the usual rose scents but the key to have a gentle floral scent wafting from my body is to spray in moderation. Smells green, earthy, some dry roses come along and leave you with a clean , neat effect for hours. Took the ribbon off when I stated it was matketed for women and now it stands quite masculine on my shelf. At first you have a blast combination of rose and patchouli, a clean rose and herbal spicy patchouli, not dirty.

If I spray too much on myself then it smells like floor cleaner. Then it softens into a powdery scent close to skin and later becomes a skin scent. I can only tell rose, some soft powdery violet and patchouli.

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The fragrance comes in a distinctive bottle shape for the entire Chloe fragrance line, with light green liquid and silver stopper decorated with a bright green bow.This healthy Real Grape Juice is used as part of a balanced diet, makeing it a choice of millions.Minute Maid – one of the world's largest juice and juice drink brands.I thought I'd fall for this one, as from the bottle I got the impression that it's similar to Miss Dior Cherrie L'eau. Chloe l'eau starts with a strong blast of citruses/ bergamot followed immediately with lots of rose water.patchouli/earthy notes make it deeper than a usual summer fresh perfume.

Actually it reminds me of Madame EDP by JPG and it's not surprising as they share lots of notes, but the main difference would be lack of pepper note here.

The history of the Minute Maid brand goes as far back as 1945 when the Florida Food Cooperation developed orange juice powder.