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I urge you to fully live those and embrace the ones you’re leaving on the table.The more of these you can toss into the blender and into the fruity and tasty smoothie of life, the better you’ll feel.If you hate it all, find the one you hate the least. During times of no training, I absolutely, categorically felt like shit. I realize sometimes it’s hard to pick up anything heavier than the television remote, the big one, ya know, the one that works for your TV, DVD player, Blue Ray, Nintendo and garage door But if you just get up and get your ass to the gym, the workout WILL get done.Due to injuries and just bouts of laziness, in the last 20 years I’ve probably been training for 16 or 17 of it and spent a total of 3 or 4 of it not doing any sort of training at all. You’ll feel a million times better, actually 1.38729 million times better, but I rounded down for the sake of simplicity If you wanna train, but have trouble actually getting out the door and doing it, Do what I do, lie to if life itself was one big damn orgasm And other moments where each second felt like a prison sentence.Where fire pumped through your veins and you cursed your very existence Most of the time we’re somewhere between those two extremes… The good, the bad, the ugly and the ahhh shit, would you look at that, bumper to bumper traffic, this is the last thing I fucking need right now I’ve spent enough time on both sides of the tracks of feeling bad in Shit Town and feeling good in Awesome Town, to set up legal residency in both.and all too often somewhere south of Middling and just on the outskirts of Shit Town… My time spent running the streets of both these places has taught me there’s some simple things we can do to feel a lot better, a lot more often, and get rid of the constant state of agitation, unease and discontent many of us carry with us through our days Now there are some people who are so unconscious of what’s going on inside of them they don’t fully realize just how often they don’t feel good.

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I mean, easily half of those emotions don’t feel all that great to experience. But if we wanna feel the good ones, we GOTTA be willing to feel the not-so-good ones.

Unless of course, our goal is to manifest a steaming pile of it Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not knocking visualization, positive self-talk and feeling good about our life and things we want, in fact I’m for that kinda stuff.

What I AM saying, is that it ain’t as easy as just always trying to keep yourself in a “joyous and blissful” state of being all the time In fact, the more you “try”, the harder it is…

They unconsciously grab for things to make them feel better, not even knowing why they’re doing it For those of us who’ve been keeping an eye on what’s going on inside, it becomes pretty apparent, that we’re not feeling anywhere near as good as we’d like, A LOT OF THE TIME The 25 things listed below will help.

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When Combined, These 25, Make Up a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Approach to Living Allowing us to rise above the lowlands that surround Shit Town and climb up to a mountain top of existence most people can’t even fathom Let this blog post be your Sherpa If you’re regular reader of my blog, there’s a good chance you already do a bunch of these.And not just any lie, tell yourself ‘Big Chris’s Favorite Lie’ It goes like this: “I’ll just go do a few quick little light sets today, that’s all” It works awesome!

Deciphering Interplay of Tectonism and Redox Conditions on Temporal Variation in Total Organic Carbon Content in the Marcellus Shale: Evidence from Multiple Geochemical Proxies, Ruiqian Chen and Shikha Sharma, #51421 (2017). … continue reading »

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