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27-Nov-2017 04:29

You can also see how many offenders are in your community.To request information about a sex offender, you can fill out a request form.The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Division of Adult Parole Operations continues to be one of the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies in the application of innovative community supervision methods related to sex offenders.CDCR’s Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) was implemented in September 2014, incorporating a collaborative approach to sex offender supervision and management.Whether you can see an offender's information publicly depends on their classification level.

The Offender List does not and cannot guarantee that the information found on this website or any of the links from this website is accurate or current. Kids Live Safe not only provides an easy to use national database of sex offenders which can be searched by geographic location or via a name search, it also includes active monitoring of a five mile area around your home with email alerts sent to you when a new sex offender moves into your monitoring area.Additionally, Kids Live Safe's child protection tools were created to assist parents and caregivers in keeping their children safe from sexual predators.The SOMP is a comprehensive program consisting of enhanced supervision, sex offender-specific treatment, polygraph use and victim advocacy, and meets the statutory requirements outlined in California Penal Code (PC) Section 3008 (also known as Chelsea’s Law).

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Intended for the management of all parolees required to register with law enforcement pursuant to PC Section 290, the SOMP is an evidence based approach to sex offender management utilizing multiple risk assessments to drive tiered supervision classifications.

Predator Jeffrey Cutlip left Oregon three times — once for three years — with police none the wiser.

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