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He was a physician in the Muslim court in Egypt and had extensive correspondence with Jews far and wide, writing detailed responses to questions of Jewish law and scriptural interpretation.Those of his works that are categorized as ‘philosophy’ reflect interests he had to his religious commitments.They had fled the Iberian Peninsula after an especially intolerant Islamic dynasty came to power.Maimonides visited the Holy Land briefly and was distressed at the condition of Jews living there.He also wrote works on medicine and diseases, on various sciences, and other subjects.He conducted extensive correspondence with Jewish communities far and wide on diverse matters, from details of religious observance to how to respond when confronted with a choice between death and conversion.For instance, Aquinas and Leibniz are among the non-Jewish philosophers influenced by Maimonides.This discussion of his philosophy focuses on some key features and themes rather than aiming to be a comprehensive survey.

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He led an almost breathlessly busy life as physician, judge, codifier of Jewish law, philosopher, scientist, and teacher.In particular, attention is drawn to ways in which Maimonides’ philosophical and religious thought were intertwined, focusing on the role of reason and intellectual perfection.In addition, the article highlights some of the significant ways he departs from Aristotle, while also borrowing from him.Maimonides (Moses ben Maimon)was born in Cordoba, Spain, and within a few years his family felt the need to flee persecution.

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They led a wandering life for several years and then settled in North Africa.

Talmud was studied intensively, its contents being elaborated and developed to meet the varied conditions of economic, social, and political life.