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The player then heads back down to the dock where their very own light sloop is waiting.

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He warns that guns can only be used on the undead or animals, and graphically demonstrates to the player the cursed coins that, by transforming their bearers into the undead, allow pirates to fight each other.

Shooting the sails and mast will make a ship lose speed while aiming at the hull will damage and eventually sink the ship.

After having been knocked unconscious, or caught cheating at cards, players awaken in jail, and must kick down the door to escape.

Forge alliances, collect legendary weapons, battle evil undead forces, and use cunning and strategy to outwit your foes - all to become the most legendary pirate on the high seas. Set your own course, your own adventure, and truly live the Legend!

"Legend has it that there's evil lurking in the Caribbean. and he leads an army of the Undead, set to exact revenge on his old nemesis...She tells them that they must get the papers for the release of the Black Pearl.

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